Part number & Spec of Hengjiu timing chain, oil pump chain for forklift, transfer case chain

Chains production base, Leaf chains, Agricultural chain, Motorcycle chain, Flat Top Chain, Engineering chains, Industrial chains

Roller chain (ISO & ANSI)
Roller chains (DIN & BS)
Straight Side Plate Roller Chains
Heavy series roller chains
Double pitch precision roller chain
Stainless steel roller chains
Side-Bow Roller Chains
Oil field roller chains
Heavy-duty Cranked-link Roller Chains
Motorcycle chains
Self-lubrication roller chains
Agricultural chains
Rice Harvester Chains
Gripper Chain
Asphalt mixing and road laying industry
Cement industry
Mine and metallurgy industry
Palm oil industry
Sugar making industry
Tobacco industry
Water treatment industry
Coal industry
Grain and oil industry
Chilled food industry
Bottle washer chain
Automobile production line
Film stretch industry
Cold Drawing Machine Chains
Lumber industry
Leaf chains (AL)
Leaf chains (BL)
Leaf chains (LL)
Steel Pintle Chains
Welded Steel Chains
Stainless steel Flat-Top Chains
Engineering Plastic Flat-Top Chains
Timing Chains for American Cars
Timing Chains for Japanese Cars
Transfer Case Chains
Hydraulic-pump Chains for Forklift
Snowmobile Chains
Silent Chains for Industry application
Silent Chains for Glass Industry
Standard chain wheel
Non-standard chain wheel
Chain Equipment
High speed precision press machine
Single and Double strand chain assembly machine
Bushing former (for pitches from 6.35mm / ?” to 38.10mm / 1 1/2”)
Pin cutter (for pitches from 6.35mm / ?” to 38.10mm / 1 1/2”)
Chain riveting machine (for pitches from 6.35mm / ?” to 38.10mm / 1 1/2”)
Bush sorting machine
Plate hooking machine
High speed plate hooking machine
Hexagonal dryer tube
Cold Forging Machine
Heat Treatment Machinery
Shot peening machine
High effeciency automatic chain cutting machine
Roller chain automatically assembly line
Small Chain High Speed Four Sides Chain Riveting Machine
Big and Special Chain High Speed Four Side Chain Riveting Machine
Super High Speed Chain Pin Cutting Machine
High Speed Precision Pin Cutting Machine
High speed bush forming machine
Hydraulic press machine
Chain Assembly Machine For Big Chain And Special Chain
Big Bush Forming Machine
Chain Length Accuracy Measuring Instrument
Big chain static tensile machine
Automatic Chain Assembly Machine for Chain With Attachment
Pressure output machine
High speed bush (roller) sorting machine
Chain pre-stretch machine
Chain pin sorting machine
Chain Pin Polish Machine

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Industrial Company (Zhuji, the HQ)

The industrial company under Hengjiu is "China's Chain Export Base" recognized by China General Mechanical Components Industry Association, with more than 700 employees and covering an area of 130,000 ㎡ for production. Equipped with standard chain production lines and carrier chain production lines, the company has its leading products, including standard roller chains, carrier chain, leaf chain and some non-standard chain products.
Please visit www.chjc-chain.com for more details.
Address: No. 8, Yingbin Road, Chengxi Development Zone, Zhuji City, Zhejiang ProvinceTel: 0086-575-87380121, Fax: 0086-575-87214388, P.C.: 311800

Huangshan Hengjiu Company

Anhui Huangshan Hengjiu Chain Drive Co., Ltd is a production base located in Jixi County of Anhui Province, covering an area of 110,000 m² and having more than 700 employees. It is "China's Non-Standard Shaped Chain R&D Production Base" recognized by China General Mechanical Components Industry Association, with leading products covering engineering chains, welded chains, flat-top chains, pintle chains and other non-standard chain series, totaling more than 5,000 product varieties. Its products have been matched with the host machine manufacturers in petroleum, cement, military and engineering machinery industries at home and abroad.
Please visit www.hschain.com for more information.
Address: No. 6, Huayang South Road, Jixi County, Anhui Province
Tel: 0086-563-8150161, fax: 0086-563-8163690

Special Chain Company (Zhuji)

Zhuji Special China Co., Ltd. under Hengjiu is located in Paitou Town of Zhuji City, covering an area of 33,000 ㎡, with carrier chains and sprockets specific for metallurgical and mining industries as its leading product lines. In recent years, the product lines have been permanently expanding through technical transformation, and by introducing CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines and other advanced equipments, resulting in permanent improvement on manufacturing level and product quality.
Please visit www.df-chain.com for more information.
Address: No. 22, Laodong Road, Paitou Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0086-575-87052888, Fax: 0086-575-87051133

Jiangxi Hengjiu Company

Jiangxi Hengjiu Company is located in Shangrao City of Jiangxi Province, with an area of 30,000 m² for workshops, mainly engaged in small and medium-scale production of precision roller chains, sleeve chain and motorcycle-specific chains.
Please visit www.ketoz-chain.com for more information.
Address: Huangyuan Industrial Park, Shangrao County, Jiangxi Province
Tel: 0086-793-6192989, Fax: 0086-793-6192518

Chain Equipment Company (Zhuji)

Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. under the Group is the designated manufacturer of chain equipment by the former Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. In recent years, the traditional chain equipment have been technically upgraded through integration, introduction and innovation, and series of CNC high-speed chain automation production equipment have been developed under the aim of automation and relieving labor intensity. The products mainly include CNC high-speed chain plate cutter, automatic chain assembly lines, high-speed pipe winders, etc. The level of automation and rotation speed of some products has reached an advanced level in comparison to global industry.
Address: No. 51, Wangyun Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0086-575-80707266, Fax: 0086-575-87214096

Roller Chain Company (Zhuji)

Roller Chain Co., Ltd. under the Group (also called Zhehua Company), established in 1988, has been mainly engaged in standard chain products.
Address: No. 50, Wangyun Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0086-575-87213828, Fax: 0086-575-87211599

Chain Material Company (Zhuji)

Hengjiu Chain Material Co., Ltd. is specially engaged in processing high-quality chain materials, which are not only provided to subsidiary companies but also sold to other companies.
Address: No. 8, Yingbin Road, Chengxi Development Zone, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
Fax: 0086-575-87214388

Color Printing Company (Zhuji)

Color Printing Company is the wholly-funded subsidiary by the Group, for designing and producing various media, high-grade color prints and packing boxes for all purposes.
Address: No. 50, Wangyun Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0086-575-87213796, Fax: 0086-575-87213798